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Community Bank Climate Risk Analytics: A Case Study

How to use Portfolio Weather Event Risk analytics to evaluate potential flood risks for community banks

Examiners Renew CRE Concentration Focus

CRE Exam Essentials™  Program Can Help Banks Get Ready

How to Prepare for Climate Risk Management

Bank regulators refer to two types of risk from climate change:

Invictus Names Head of Climate Risk Analytics

The Invictus Group has named Avik Ray as director of its new climate risk division.

Invictus Creates New Climate Risk Division

The Invictus Group has created a new climate risk analytical division to help community banks.

Invictus Severe Stagflation Scenario

The Invictus Severe Stagflation scenario tests conditions under the simultaneous occurrence of a severe global recession and aggressive monetary policy that includes rapid and substantial increases in the Fed Funds Rate and...

Need to Raise a Concentration Limit? Here’s How to Do It (Properly)

Early warning systems are great, but sometimes they need to be revisited to preserve their value. This is often the case with lending concentration limits as a percentage of capital at community and mid-sized banks. Your bank may...

WARMing up to SCALE 

Many small community banks have yet to make their final decision regarding CECL implementation. Although there are many potential solutions to calculating the ACL, small banks seem to gravitate toward the “Weighted Average...

Where Does Your AOCI Go Next?

We recently published a post by my partner, Adam Mustafa, noting that AFS bond portfolio losses across the industry reached record levels in the first quarter of 2022. While the increases in interest rates are nowhere near (yet)...